The 26th edition of Giornate Medioevali (Medieval Days) will be a journey through the 15th century where, after long periods of wars and struggles, peace and community life made up of markets, trade, fairs and festivals returned. June 27, 1463 is one of the most significant dates in San Marino history: Pope Pius II Piccolomini issued the Bull "Comunitati et hominibus Terrae Sancti Marini" and brought the San Marino territory to the dimension that will remain unchanged to this day.

An opportunity to see, touch and rediscover the past through the typicalities of the Republic of San Marino: the main squares and streets of the historic centre will host artists, live shows, historical re-enactments, ancient crafts, animations and experiences to be experienced. Evocative suggestions for all ages: a continuous alternation of amazement and emotion. Look, touch, dive, discover: experience the Medieval Days of the Republic of San Marino.


In the main squares and streets of the old town centre, artists and shows range from performing arts to music, from figure theatre to physical theatre, from touring performances to large-scale fixed shows. A kaleidoscope of entertainment offers: jesters, late medieval music, histrions, acrobats, storytellers and flag-wavers. A stage as big as the city ready to be filled with artists whose vitality will know how to interpret the past, enthuse the present and provide that lightness necessary to keep our eyes on the future.

But that's not all! Every evening, the magical Crossbowmen's Quarry offers a different show: from the ancient art of drumming and flag-waving with the Flag-waving group of the San Marino Crossbowmen's Federation on Thursday evening, to the performances of jesters, fire-breathers, musicians, falconers, dancers and stilt-walkers on Friday and Saturday evenings, culminating on Sunday evening with the Palio del Tricorniolo with the presence of the host cities that traditionally animated the important competition: Lucca, Massa, Pisa, Sansepolcro and Volterra


Thursday 27 July from 16.00 to 00.30

Friday 28 July from 16.00 to 00.30

Saturday 29 July from 10.30 a.m. to 00.30 a.m.

Sunday 30 July from 10.30 a.m. to 00.30 a.m.



- Acrobati del Borgo
- Alex Gabellini
- Arteare
- Associazione Per la Storia
- Associazione Sammarinese Giochi Storici
- Balestrieri di Porta San Marco, Pisa
- Bandierai degli Uffizi di Firenze
- Buffoni di Corte
- Cavalieri del Drago
- Chimera
- Circolo Ippico Riminese
- Compagnia Balestrieri della Città di Volterra
- Compagnia Balestrieri di Lucca
- Compagnia Capitano Corazon
- Compagnia del Coniglio
- Compagnia del Nibbio
- Compagnia Santo Macinello
- Falconieri del Re
- La Corte di Olnano e la Compagnia dell'Istrice
- Federazione Balestrieri Sammarinesi
- Finis Terrae
- Gens Euganea
- Giochi storici ai Liburni
- Giullari di Spade
- La Cerna dei Lunghi Archi di San Marino
- La Corporazione Arti e Mestieri
- Lady Camelot
- Lo Stramagante
- Otto Vagante
- Parente Fireworks
- Riuros
- Rota Temporis
- Schola Tamburi storici di Conegliano
- Società Balestrieri San Sepolcro
- Società Terzieri Massetani, Massa Marittima
- Teatro delle Isole
- Viduquestla
- Voci dal Medioevo di Trambaque
- White Company

How to get to the Republic of San Marino

Located 10 km as the crow flies from the Adriatic Sea, San Marino is easily accessible:

By car:
On the A14 Bologna-Ancona motorway, take the Rimini Sud exit. Follow the clearway towards San Marino SS72. Alternatively, take the Rimini Nord exit and follow the SP258 Marecchiese road.

By train:
Stop at Rimini railway station and take the bus to San Marino-Centro (timetable
The Old Town of San Marino can also be reached by cable car to and from Borgo Maggiore from 07:45 to 01:00.

For information:

Tourist packages

Come and discover the Medieval Days of the Republic of San Marino by staying in the structures of the Territory: from camping to characteristic hotels, packages and experiences to get to know the Ancient Land of Freedom up close.

Discover the vacation packages created for the event!

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